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Amazing Grace Equine Therapy volunteers participate in a variety programs and provide support for the everyday needs of the organization. The following opportunities exist for individuals and groups interested in providing support for Amazing Grace:
Programming Volunteers

Horse Leaders
     Horse Leaders are responsible for leading and handling the horse during the
     therapeutic riding lesson, and should be knowledgeable of their
     role in a typical lesson format and in various emergency situations. The leader
     is also responsible for grooming and tacking their respective horse prior to               lessons.

     Side-walkers are responsible for assisting the rider physically, cognitively, and
     emotionally as necessary throughout the duration of the therapeutic riding
     lesson. They are encouraged to interact with the participant to reinforce the
     instructions of the instructor, while respecting the instructor’s need
     to communicate efficiently with the rider.

Stable Managers 
     Stable Managers are specially designated volunteers who have extensive  
     experience working as a horse leader and sidewalker, and who often have
     extensive horse experience. Stable Managers are responsible for ensuring that
     horses are groomed, tacked properly, and in the arena on time for the 
     scheduled lesson, as well as maintaining order and cleanliness in the barn
     during schedule lesson times. 

Group Program Assistants
     Group Program Assistants provide support for the Amazing Grace staff when           facilitating a variety of Equine Assisted Activity programs for large groups. They       are responsible for interacting with program participants to help them achieve         the goals designated by the program, as well as provide assistance related to         basic program design, set up, and clean up.

Facility Volunteers

Landscaping Design/Upkeep
       Landscaping Volunteers provide Amazing Grace with assistance in                           maintaining and designing the gardens surrounding the barn and arena                   area. Special projects may be provided to groups or individuals at the 
       discretion of the staff and may include pulling weeds, planting flowers, or  
       watering plots.

Pasture Maintenance
     Pasture Maintenance Volunteers assist in maintaining the current pastures              by removing excess brush, building/moving fences, and cleaning stock tanks 
     when necessary. 

Barn Upgrades/Repairs
     Barn Maintenance Volunteers assist in maintaining the barn and      
     areas throughout the year. Special project may be provided to groups or
     individuals at the discretion of the staff and may include routine repairs, small     
     and large scale construction projects, and general upkeep. 
Volunteer Requirements
A Therapeutic Riding or lesson volunteer must...
  - Be 21 years of age.
  - Submit an annual volunteer profile and liability waiver form.
  - Attend a volunteer training session.
  - Make a 10 week commitment to a specific shift/s for the 
    duration of the session.
  - Be physically/emotionally fit to meet the demands of the 

Facility and Administrative volunteers must...
  - Be 14 years of age and be accompanied by an adult
  - Submit an annual volunteer profile and liability waiver form

Ready to Get Started!?
Here's where to start...
   (1) Download and complete the Volunteer Application 
   (2) Choose a volunteer training session---and e-mail us to sign up!
   (3) Download a copy of the Volunteer Training Manual
   (4) Attend your scheduled volunteer training session
Amazing Grace Equine Therapy
12956 N. Slideoff Road
Camby, Indiana 46113

Download the Volunteer Application Here:
Download the Volunteer Training Manual Here:​

       Volunteer Training Manual - 2022

Upcoming Volunteer Training Sessions

Side-walker and Horse Leader Training 

Tuesday ~ December 5th @ 6:30pm

Thursday ~ December 7th @ 6:30pm

Saturday ~ December 9th @ 10:00am


Marketing Volunteers provide assistance to the Amazing Grace staff in developing marketing materials, revising the website, and updating all printed marketing materials. These volunteers help to shape the image of Amazing Grace Equine Therapy in the Indiana communities we serve.

Public Relations Volunteers assist Amazing Grace to develop a relationship with the communities we serve. Specifically, they help by distributing marketing materials to local organizations, communicating with local businesses about current or potential partnerships, and provide support for all fundraising and riding events.

Fundraising Volunteers assist Amazing Grace in planning and executing fundraising campaigns and events throughout the year to support rider scholarships, horse care, and facility upkeep. They assist in managing event committees and providing information to potential donors about the opportunities Amazing Grace has available.

Event Planning Volunteers provide assistance in the planning and execution of special events hosted by Amazing Grace. Responsibilities range from providing support during an actual event to developing concepts for future events and fundraisers.

Winter 2023/2024
Therapeutic Riding Volunteers!
We are in need of volunteers to help with our Winter TR Session starting on December 12th, 2023 and ending the week of February 24th, 2024. We are asking for a weekly commitment of the same time and day for each week of the 10 Week Session. We need help on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday early evenings and Saturday mornings. If you can help during any of those riding times, please let us know.

Marketing Design/Development
Public Relations
Event Planning